About Us

The landscape of rural Nebraska is not only beautiful, but also ever changing with the seasons Here's just a look at some of the process and some of the natural beauty!

Located in scenic southwestern Nebraska, Three Brothers Vineyard and Winery is owned and operated by Gary and Ricky Sue Wach.

Three Brothers strives to provide a relaxing respite with quality Nebraska wines and vineyard products that celebrate the small town rural experience. Named in honor of three Wach brothers who began their life journey's in southwestern Nebraska in the late 1880's, we share their pioneering spirit and have a love of tradition. Visitors can take a tour of the vineyard and production area or visit with the winemaker. Join us on the patio and witness the spectacular sunset!

The Story Behind The Name

Three Brothers Vineyard and Winery takes its name from the three Wach brothers Hermann Julius, Friedrich Wilhelm and Otto Rudolph. Two of the brothers, Hermann and Friedrich, were born in Worms, Russia in 1879 and 1884 respectively, while Otto was born in Hayes County, Nebraska in 1889 after the family homesteaded in the area. They are among 15 children of Friedrich Hermann Wach who was born in East Germany, but immigrated to Russia in 1852 to seek his fortune as a maker of leather harnesses. Russia, under the Czar, was inhospitable for Germans, so at the age of 54 he moved his family to America arriving on the same day as the Statue of Liberty, June 18, 1885. Family folklore says the family arrived on the same ship as the many crates that were carrying the statue.

Traveling by train to Sutton, Nebraska to meet family, the Wachs soon homesteaded in Hayes County, 50 miles west of 3 Brothers Vineyard location. Later, these three brothers married three sisters from the Schultz family. Hermann married Anna Karolina in 1909. Friedrich married Emilie Elisabetha in 1912. Otto married Johanna Frieda in 1919. Friedrich and Emilie Wach are the grandparents of the vineyard and winery founder, Gary Wach.

About The Land & Grapes

Three Brothers Vineyard is based in Farnam, Nebraska in what used to be a pasture adjacent to the owner's home. The family would allow friends to pasture their cattle to improve the ground. Not knowing what to do with the land, Gary, having heard about vineyards beginning to pop-up in Nebraska, decided to jump on the band wagon and start his own, despite how utterly ridiculous it may have sounded to others. '

Who would think of Nebraska when they thought of grapes? "No one" seems the logical response. However, Nebraska has a growing vineyard and wine industry.
Started in 2002, Three Brothers Vineyard was just a hobby and a distraction from everyday life. Three varieties were planted on just under an acre in order to map the amount of work it was going to take. The vineyard, now considerably larger, stands on five+ acres that include a small orchard.

The vineyard is now home to ten varieties which include both reds and whites. They are: Frontenac (red), Landot 4511 (red), Marechal Foch (red), Rougeon (red), Brianna (white), Frontenac Gris (white), Vignoles (white), Seyval Blanc (white), Traminette (white) and LaCrosse (white)

3 Brothers Vineyard

Preparing the Land, Perfecting the Process

The landscape of rural Nebraska is not only beautiful, but also ever changing with the seasons Here's just a look at some of the process and some of the natural beauty!